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The Center for MindBody Pain Solutions

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What you can expect in the 4 and 8 weeks of treatment and my professional goals for your recovery…

Week 1  

Become familiar with the ‘safe space’ of sharing about yourself openly and calmly. Talking about yourself and your deeper feelings... this will help your nervous system to stop protecting in your body in Fight, Flight or Freeze mode. It comes down to Threat, Survival and Safety.

I will assist you to understand and change why your body is perceiving a constant threat and how you can create a way to move from survival and maintain safety in your body and mind.


Week 2

Practicing the Tools and Insights, Journaling, Meditation, Mindfulness… getting back to regular exercise is important. The work of Dr John Sarno… includes 5-7 daily insights that you can learn and make a new habit, this becomes an automatic response and a new neural pathway begins to form in your brain.


Week 3   

Discuss your history; people, places, events, experiences. Discover the Patterns of Behavior that you learned as a child that kept you in Survival mode…and we learn to recognize this and calm the nervous system down. We will learn to RESPOND rather than REACT…

                               **** ANOTHER KEY HABIT that will help in your recovery****

Week 4

Understanding goes deeper… about your deepest feelings and how we create “self sabotaging” thoughts that are not true and hurt us.

The tools of PAUSE and REFLECT…. BREATH….. ACCEPT, RECOGNIZE, OBSERVE, WITNESS…. Our feelings and RESPOND(calm the brain, create a new neural pathway)


We cannot think our way to your feelings.

We must learn a new habit of observing our feelings and being with them. A key to Healing

Week 5

Learning about the Subconscious Thoughts and Feelings that we are not aware of … These subconscious thoughts and beliefs drive our anxiety and present a Threat to the body and brain. Not a real threat.

WE LEARN TO MAKE THE SUBCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS… This is a creates a neurological and chemical change in the brain and body.

Week 6

Review Patterns of Self- Limiting Beliefs that are creating Negative Thoughts, Behaviors and Actions. 

We will talk about the new habits of behavior and the new language of self- acceptance and self -compassion. This has proven over and over again: along with belief and gratitude to bring a chemical change in your hormonal, immune system and nervous system.

Week 7

 Practicing being in the PRESENT MOMENT…… Mindfulness… Meditation, Awareness…  in our daily lives…..Learn the essential and important Daily Habits that when these are learned and practiced on a regular basis; this can affect the nervous system and create new neural pathways= less brain pain

Week 8

Now we learn to implement and apply in your daily life these new patterns of healthy thoughts, language, actions and beliefs.

We will role play and practice together,  

These 8 weeks will lay a foundation and you will learn a new language and this can all affect the chemistry, physiology and biology of you brain and body…immune system and nervous system..  

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