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Dr Hava-Yael Schreiber.jpg

Dr Hava-Yael Schreiber

OB/GYN in Jerusalem, Marathon/Triathlete

"I found Dr. Tovah very professional and versatile. I needed her for a sports injury and chronic/recurrent back pain, and I also recommend her to my pregnant patients. She has been able to help us all, using her multiple skills and techniques (gentlemanipulations, massages, ultrasound, warm compressed, gentle electric stimulation…) 

Not only does she know her stuff about muscles, tendons, and nerves… but she has a holistic approach, tells you to reduce stress and sleep more, and not to forget the « mind » aspect of chronic back pain.

Add to this a wonderful warm and caring personality… that makes a perfect therapist, who became a friend!"

Kenneth Pultz Stenum.jpg

Kenneth Pultz Stenum

Solo Trumpiest for the Denmark Military Band

"I just completed an 8-week program for my pain with Dr. Tovah and had a lot of success. It was hard at times though she helped me through the dark times. Dr. Tovah didn’t just tell me what to do, she taught me the tools for pain that I can use for life.

I really like her philosophy on MindBody Pain. It is changing my relationship with my body, my pain and my entire life."

Laurie Rider.jpg

Laurie Rider

Musician and Mother

"Dr. Tovah, I will never forget your encouragement during such a scary time in my life!! You gave me so much power through it!!

I can now accept that I create my symptoms and take full responsibility for my health"

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