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Dr Tovah’s
Weekly Therapy Group

The Science and Art of Healing Yourself
Recover from Pain & Autoimmune Symptoms


it is the Time to Implement and Apply the tools and insights;

Methods of Neuroplasticity & Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Safety/ Threat Principles

Sarno & TMS Practices

Mindfulness & Meditation techniques (Time Tested & Proven)

What Is Included?

Weekly 1.5-hour meeting with education, hands on practice, opportunities to share and ask questions

Participants will also receive follow up support and personalized somatic/pain reprocessing therapy What’s App audio recordings each week.

Sessions will be recorded so you can access them at any time if you are unable to attend live

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What You can expect to Take Home


Conscious breathing exercises that will enable you to learn the habits of living daily in your calm 'parasympathetic nervous system'


Self Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance and Gratitude practices that directly affect the chemical, physiological and neurological systems of your body.


You will learn to witness the repressed emotions that are driving the pain, anxiety and stress and how these emotions trigger your brain that keeps you in flight, fight or freeze.

Then you will learn to think, feel, behave and act in an automatic manner, creating new habits and pathways: and a healthy relationship with your mind and body, pain and symptoms. 

As Dr John Sarno quotes “The pain and symptoms will no longer have a reason to exist”

- Special Introductory Price -

100 usd per month

 - Group will meet Weekly on Wednesdays -
at 1:00 PM USA est
10:00 AM USA pst
6:00 PM UK

(please check your local time on and join us)

Meet Dr Tovah

For 36 years, Dr Tovah has been a specialist in the Healing Methods of MindBody, Neuroplastic Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Disease as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

She created a weekly broadcast in English and Hebrew "TMS RoundTable Global and TMS RoundTable Israel, where we inspire and educate about self healing. She has the privilege on these broadcasts to meet and learn from many doctors, scientists, professors, authors and people who healed from Cancer to Chronic Pain and every disease in between.

Dr Tovah studies and mentors with the doctors who developed Dr John Sarno's workin the USA and Israel; and whom are the leading voices in this neuroplastic research educationand inspiration.

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