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Finding the Doctor and Psychologist in You….

Dr Tovah Goldfine
Dr. Tovah - Chiropractic doctor

Dr. Tovah Goldfine has been a practicing doctor of Chiropractic since 1985, 23 of those years were in the USA and since her Aliyah to Israel in 2009, she has been practicing and treating patients locally.

 She is a specialist in gentle Chiropractic treatment where she uses various techniques on the body assisting the alignment and muscular system to remove pressure from the nerves, ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissue structures.

She works "magic" with her hands as her patients say...

Dr. Tovah is also a specialist in Fitness and Rehabilitation.

An exercise routine is unique and personal and for someone to “stay committed” it has to work for that particular patient.

Again, Dr. Tovah will partner with the patient to take responsibility and develop the discipline for their health and fitness…...  

This needs to become automatic and a daily habit in life.


 For 36 years, Dr Tovah has been a specialist in the Healing Methods of MindBody, Neuroplastic Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Disease as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.
After many years of assisting clients on their journey out of pain, she learned that chronic pain was not normal and autoimmune disease is an internal physiological and psychological conflict in the body and mind. 
Her curiosity led her in many directions after growing up with my mother who had Multiple Sclerosis. 
She quickly understood the power of the unconscious mind and the conscious mind  
and their roles together in sickness and health.  
She created a weekly broadcast in English and Hebrew 
"TMS RoundTable Global and TMS RoundTable Israel, 
where we inspire and educate about self healing.
She has the privilege to meet and learn from many doctors, scientists, professors, authors and people who healed from Cancer to Chronic Pain and every disease in between.
Dr Tovah practices the methods of the late Dr John Sarno and the doctors that progressed with his initial theories.
His work continues to change people's life and now it is proven in science.
The research is shining bright in the standard medical community and many clients are taking full responsibility for their conditions; many integrating with their medical doctors and healing.
Dr Tovah studies and mentors with the doctors who developed Sarno's work in the USA and Israel;
and whom are the leading voices in this neuroplastic research, education and inspiration.   
She presents workshops on applying and implementing the tools and insights for self healing 
and see clients privately guiding them on their personal healing treatment treatment plans and journeys.

You can read more about Dr Tovah's work  with MindBody and Autoimmune

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