Finding the Doctor and Psychologist in You….

Dr Tovah Goldfine
Dr. Tovah - Chiropractic doctor

Dr. Tovah Goldfine has been a practicing doctor of Chiropractic since 1985, 23 of those years were in the USA and since her Aliyah to Israel in 2009, she has been practicing and treating patients locally.

 She is a specialist in gentle Chiropractic treatment where she uses various techniques on the body assisting the alignment and muscular system to remove pressure from the nerves, ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissue structures.

She works "magic" with her hands as her patients say...

Dr. Tovah is also a specialist in Fitness and Rehabilitation.

An exercise routine is unique and personal and for someone to “stay committed” it has to work for that particular patient.

Again, Dr. Tovah will partner with the patient to take responsibility and develop the discipline for their health and fitness…...  

This needs to become automatic and a daily habit in life.


With her years of experience and desire to educate and assist healing, she has been able to help hundreds of patients get out of pain, back on their feet and moving again in a regular exercise routine.

 Dr Tovah, even after 35 years continues to self study, learn and teach the TMS  and scientific mindbody principles.

She mentors and studies with her colleagues who are authors and well known doctors

from the USA.

They each share many years of teaching the science of MindBody Healing as well as numerous cases of successful recoveries from MindBody Conditions, Stress Illness, Psychosomatic Symptoms and Autoimmune Disease;

You can read more about these doctors at  Psychophysiologic Disorders Association   


Dr Howard Schubiner, Dr David Schechter, Dr David Hanscom and Dr Dave Clarke.