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About Dr. Tovah

She works “magic” with her hands”

Dr Tovah is a specialist of gentle Chiropractic treatment where she uses various techniques on the body assisting the alignment and muscular system to remove pressure from the nerves, ligaments, muscles and other soft tissue structures.

Dr Tovah is also a specialist in Fitness and Rehabilitation and with this knowledge she has been able to help hundreds of patients out of pain and back on their feet moving again in a regular exercise routine.

During Dr Tovah’s career, her passion and devotion to helping patients heal pain led her down a different path.She witnessed many individuals struggling with chronic pain and autoimmune symptoms that did not respond to the conventional medical treatment.

She saw the great need for understanding how the mind, body, brain and nervous system were intimately connected in healing these chronic conditions.

She enhanced her field of study and practice and became a specialist in the Healing Methods and Treatments for Mind Body Medicine, Stress Illness and other Psychophysiologial Disorders.

Dr Tovah studies and mentors with the doctors who further developed the TMS and Sarno methods of healing in the USA and Israel;

In the last 15 years, these doctors are the leading voices in the science and art of healing the mind and body as well as the latest Neuroplastic research and education

In 2019, Dr Tovah created a weekly broadcast in English and Hebrew

“TMS RoundTable Global and TMS RoundTable Israel.

This is a live interactive discussion sharing education, insights and tools for self healing chronic pain and autoimmune symptoms.

Featured each week are health professionals, doctors, therapists, authors and movie directors all involved in this science of healing as well as many individuals that have self healed, in recovery and sharing their healing stories.

Dr Tovah uses Teletherapy for international clients and also treats privately in her home office.

She guides them in their personal and individual healing treatment plan and has successfully assisted many in their recovery from Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Symptoms

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