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MindBody Chronic Pain

Specialist in MindBody Pain & TMS Treatment

The mind and body are intimately connected and work together through the nervous system and immune system.

I assist patients with self healing and integrative healing of Psychophysiologic Disorders, Stress Illness, Autoimmune Disease. 

The diagnosis includes a physical medical examination to establish correlation between findings in imaging studies and symptoms.  

In addition, a thorough review of past ailments, stresses and diseases is performed.

This is essential in treating a MindBody condition, where we treat the individual as well as the symptoms. 

I am an experienced TMS practitioner and can diagnose if you have TMS.



An Important Note About Treatment

Here we incorporate mindfulness, emotional awareness, exercise, expressive writing, and journaling; clients can learn to calm their brains and change their body's physiology, ultimately reducing

their pain levels.

Neuroplasticity and various Somatic Therapies are powerful

tools in this process, as they allow individuals to rewire their

brain's response to pain signals.

By understanding that pain can sometimes be a result of the

brain misinterpreting harmless signals as threats, clients

can begin to break the cycle of chronic pain.

Through guided psychological techniques, Dr. Tovah assists 

clients to develop new neural pathways, promoting healing

and alleviating pain.  

The study below provides evidence supporting the notion that neural pathways in the brain can contribute to the experience of pain, even in the absence of physical injury or disorder.

This understanding is crucial in developing effective strategies for recovery from chronic pain and other autoimmune symptoms


What are the symptoms of TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome)?

Chronic Disc Herniations, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Chronic Tendon, Ligament, Joint, Inflammation, ANXIETY Headache/Migraine, DIZZINESS, Chest pains/panic attack, DIARRHEA/CONSTIPATION, Difficulty thinking, TIGHT STOMACH/BUTTERFLIES, Interstitial cystitis/ frequency Loss of reality testing, FIBROMYALGIA/ PAIN & ACHES, Nausea/ reflux, IMPULSIVE ACTIONS, Increased heart rate without strenuous exercise, RASHES/ HIVES, Losing track of thoughts/ feeling vague Sighing, DRY THROAT, Losing concentration, MUSCLE TENSION, Choking sensation, BLANKING OUT, Difficulty breathing, DIFFICULTY SWALLOWING, Derealization, DISRUPTED SLEEP/ INSOMNIA, AMNESIA/OCD/ Shakiness, VULVODYNIA/ PELVIC PAIN/ DYSPAREUNIA, exhaustion, CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES, Occipital/ Trigeminal Neuralgia, ANKLE/ KNEE/ FOOT/ HIP PAIN, Back/neck/shoulder pain, BLUSHING, Irritable bowel syndrome, B ULGING DISCS, Hot flashes or chills, GAS PAIN, SENSATION OF PINS & NEEDLES, Cold hands & fingers, NERVE DAMAGE, Tic disorders, BUTTERFLIES IN STOMACH, Arthritis, EXCESSIVE SWEATING

This list contains some of the most common MindBody, Autoimmune or Neuroplastic Chronic Pain symptoms and conditions.. If you do not see your symptom or condition on this list, it does not imply that you wouldn't benefit from this treatment.


Please reach out to Dr Tovah and find out if you could indeed heal from these methods. 

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