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Autoimmune Disease

  "My real passion and mission in life... is assisting individuals to heal from chronic pain and autoimmune disease" 

I began to see more chronic pain patients and wonder why some patients got better after treatment and others did not improve.

This question propelled me to investigate and study the mind-body connection.

It is now science and proven in many research studies that the mind and body are intimately connected.       


In a communication of networks and cellular messages, the nervous system and immune system work together for optimal health.                             

When these messages are interfered with, disrupted or a threat is perceived ; the human body and it's functions  are compromised. 

 I assist and partner with patients that present with Psychophysiological Disorders, Stress lllness and Autoimmune Disease.


Also, together we are able to discover and recover from childhood/adult traumas that may be a major contributing factor to the patient's emotional and physiological health.

I have had the opportunity to successfully assist patients with Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis and all types of Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Disease

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“Impossible is a choice, Incurable is a choice”

“Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Dis-ease are not normal; the human body heals continuously, given the opportunity and by accepting the inner emotional and physiological conflicts”
There is a Doctor and Psychologist in You”

dr tovah with patient

Personal Note

When I was 13, my mother, Julie Goldfine, at the age of 33 developed Multiple Sclerosis. She lived, suffered and struggled ... with it for 25 years and than passed away; having missed out on so many significant years of her life.

Julie (my mother) had only belief in her doctor and the medicine...  though no clear understanding of the intimate connection between her mind and body, her immune and nervous system.

She did not have the knowledge, insights or tools to take personal responsibility for her health and well being. 

My mother may have not known so much about the mindbody connection though she was a brave and courageous woman.

She fought hard for every step she did take and in her honor I help as many individuals as I can to lead a healthy life they deserve

Today, I make sure that all individuals that treat with me know they have a choice as well as the knowledge that their bodies have the problem and the solution inside

DR Tovah's mother
Ben Gurion

“Anyone who does not believe in Miracles is not a realist”  David Ben Gurion

Teletherapy Both locally and on Zoom internationally....   

I teach, educate, assist about "the doctor and psychologist within"  

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